The Business

Solutions in returnable plastic packaging and automotive plastic parts.


To be a world-class reference in providing innovative solutions for handling materials and automotive plastic parts.


To develop, manufacture and market solutions in plastic packaging and other applications for various segments of the global market.

Values and Principles

  • Clients: Meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations;
  • Integrity: To be a trustworthy team;
  • Innovation: To see beyond the obvious;
  • People: To be the best workplace for the best people;
  • Performance: To define an industry standard and to be a reference of success.


Pisani’s Management System Policy

The quality of the products and services by Pisani Plásticos S.A., manufacturer of returnable plastic packaging and automotive plastic parts, must meet customers’ needs and expectations.

To this end, we must sponsor programs that integrate all employees with health and safety, with the goal of preventing damages and creating awareness about the environment, in a permanent search for improvements in the flow of activities, in order to offer optimum quality, cost and services.

Pisani products follow the legal requirements applicable to Health, Occupational Safety and the Environment. To preserve nature, we make use of recyclable raw materials and manage the waste and effluents.

As a result, we aim to bring satisfaction to people, whether clients, collaborators, shareholders, suppliers or the society.

Policies for Handling Complaints – Monobloc Plastic Chairs

Pisani Plastics S.A. values and effectively handles the complaints presented by clients, according to the system described in the procedures of the Pisani Management System (see 60.2.001 and 60.2.004).

Pisani is aware of and undertakes to comply with and subject to the penalties provided for in the Law (Law n. 8078/1990, Law n. 9933/1999, etc.).

It stimulates and analyzes the results, as well as takes the due measures, according to the statistics of the complaints received, through its BI-SADIG.

It defines responsibilities for handling complaints – SGP.

It undertakes to respond to Inmetro regarding any claim that it has received and within the time established by it.

It undertakes to respond to the claimant as to the receipt, processing and handling of the complaint, following established deadlines internally.

Below you can check our ABNT Certificates of Conformity:


User Manual

Monobloc Plastic Chair

Weather resistant, does not stain, does not fade – protected with ultraviolet additive.

When cleaning:

Use a flannel, soft sponge and soap or household detergent;

Do not use abrasives, nor petroleum-based products such as benzine, turpentine, petrol, etc.;

Do not use ammonia or chloroform;

Do not clean the painted parts with alcohol.


It is advisable not to climb on the seat, not to throw oneself on the chair and not to lean only on the two hind legs: avoid accidents.


3 years warranty for manufacture defects;

Maximum allowable load for residential models: 120 kg (certified by INMETRO for a load of 154 kg);

Maximum allowable load for unrestricted-use models: 140 kg (certified by INMETRO for a load of 182 kg).